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Monday, February 25, 2013

Bhagat Mahasabha celebrates Nirvan Divas of Sadguru Kabir Sahib ji at vill.Chak Bala,R.S.Pura,Jammu

Bhagat Mahasabha celebrates Nirvan Divas of Sadguru Kabir Sahib ji at vill.Chak Bala,R.S.Pura

Bhagat Mahasabha celebrates Nirvan Divas of Sadguru Kabir Sahib ji at vill. Chak Bala,R.S.Pura in which thousands of people of megh community participated to pay homage to great saint of Bhakti movement.A satsang & kirtan was also held on the occasion by Swami Milkhi Ram Bhagat Ji  Gorda waley.While singing the sabad, dohe & sakhian of Kabir Sahib ji, swami ji asked the sangat to follow the teachings of Kabir Sahib ji as only his teachings can bring megh community out of backwardness & darkage.He asked megh community to stop bad habits of drinking alcohol, smoking, dowery, etc.Swami ji impressed upon masses to inculcate the spiritual and moral values in the tender minds of kids,school going children and adults in order to free the society from evils like drug addiction,smoking,liqour consumption etc.This shall lead to socail organization,educational,economical and religious development of the society,thereby indirectly helping the country to flourish with differnt kind of character.Especially women were requested to keep their children aware of teachings of Sadguru Kabir Sahib Ji and make them to attend Satsangs regularly in order to inculcate the moral values amongst them.

 Children of community also spoked on Sadguru Kabir Sahin ji,B. R. Ambedkar & Bhagat Amarnath ji.Prominant members of megh samaj & meritorious students were also honoured & all pledged to spread the teachings of Sadguru Kabir Sahib ji in every nook & corner of state.A langar was also served to the sangat on the occasion.Prominant among others were Dr.Rajesh Bhagat,Dr.Jaswant Bhagat,Ram Lal Bhagat,Baba Bhagat,Kala Ram Bhagat,Dev Raj Bhagat,Kuldeep Bhagat,Mahinder Bhagat,Bodh Raj,Somnath Bhagat, & others.

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