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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tara Chand Dy.C.M. pays tributes to Kabir(State Times dated 27/6/2010

JAMMU: Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand on Saturday asked the people to follow the righteous path of love, tolerance and brotherhood preached by great saints of the soil as only those teachings can liberate today’s world from the web of ignorance and hatred. The Deputy Chief Minister was addressing a 612th Saint Kabir Jayanti Samaroh organised by Bhagat Maha Sabha to commemorate Param Saint Sat Guru Shree Kabir Sahib Ji’s 612th Parkesh Divas at Parade Ground here on Saturday. National President, Bhagat Sabha Prof. Raj Kumar, President J and K Bodh Raj Bhagat, Ex MLA Ram Chand, MLA RS Pura and various other personalities were also present on the occasion. Paying rich tributes to the great saint and social reformer, Tara Chand said that Saint Kabir Das, widely acknowledged as one of the great poets of Bhakti movement in India propagated the concept of oneness of God. His poetry is a reflection of his philosophy about life, he added. He asked the people from all walks of life to pledge on this day and commit themselves to follow the message of humanity propagated by him. Elaborating Centre’s initiatives for development of the State, the Deputy Chief Minister said tremendous development is being witnessed throughout the State during the coalition regime. He said as the Centre has been quite liberal in funding our State so as to develop the infrastructural facilities and boost developmental scenario, the State Government has executed number of mega projects while many are underway. On the occasion, the Dohas and Sakhian of Saint Kabir were recited by various speakers stressing on education of children of Megh Samaj in particular and Dalit Samaj in general. Meritorious students from Megh Samaj who excelled in education, sports and singing were honoured in the function. Group dance performed by children of Ambedkar Academy Kabir Nagar, Jammu and solo Bhajjan by baby Kabayangli impressed the audience.
Meanwhile, addressing a grand Satsang at Sahib Bandgi Headqrs Ranjrhi on Saturday, Sadguru Madhu Pasranhansji Maharaj said that this day is marked as 612th anniversary of greatest Indian Saint Kabir Sahib who appeared in this world on this day of Jyeshth Shudhi Purnima in Kashi.
A good number of accounts, including his own writings indicate that he did not take birth from the womb of mother but alighted from above the heavens in the form of divine light.
Sant Kabir was not founder of any new religion, sect or belief. His only endeavour was to awaken the humanity caught in a deep slumber since ages. He revealed that it was the mighty and the cruel power of mind which had been pushing the soul in various worldly-pursuits through its false charms (Maya). Mind cannot be seen but is all -prevalent in this universe. Jeevatma is captive of mind. This mind power is making the Jeevatma to dance to its tunes by spreading a vast web of ignorance around it. People ignorant of the tricks of mind power have become its willing and easy prey. Even great scholars, Tapasvis and Yogis could not escape this deceit of mind. The entire humanity, he said, is ridden with ignorance (Avidya). Religious texts are unable to completely describe these intricacies. The temple and mosque, idol and holy water, scriptures and priests, Saguna and Nirguna–were all denounced by him as mere substitutes for the Supreme Reality. Sadguru Maharaj said that Kabir Sahib is regarded as a great Yogeshwar by Yogis, philosophers, the wise and reformer simultaneously. His status in the self-realised great saints is that of Ganges amongst the rivers.
“Kabir made valiant attempts to uproot the social and religious evils of Hindus as well Muslims. His teachings are distinguished theologically by inward loving devotion to a divine principle, and socially by an egalitarianism opposed to the qualitative distinctions of the Hindu caste hierarchy” Madhu Paramhansji added and said that his teachings are most relevant in the prevailing charged atmosphere of commotions animosity for one another, violence and varied forms of terrorism in the present state.

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